Importing Your Contacts From Google Contacts

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Next up, you’re ready to start importing your contacts to Zero BS CRM. First up, you need to enter the Client ID and secret into ZBS settings

Once you’ve entered the settings, head over to the Google Contacts Menu under “Tools”

Starting the Import

Once you click “Import Contacts” Zero BS CRM: Google Sync will import your contacts into Zero BS CRM. There is a simple requirement here

  • Contacts must have an email to be added to the CRM, if they do not have an email you’ll need to go to and make sure each contact has an email.

That’s all there is to it. Once imported your Google Contacts list will look like this

If you edit a contact (over on google contacts) and add an email (and want to bring them into the CRM) you can click “Import Contacts” again and it will run again and update your contact list to match Google.

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